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Local Info

On the south side of Lake Marion in Orangeburg County, Santee, South Carolina is a primary  stopover point for travelers between New York and Florida and is only an hour's drive to Columbia, Charleston and its beaches, and within two hours of Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head.

On the north side of Lake Marion in Clarendon County, Manning, South Carolina's land surface covers 599 square miles.  There are approximately 383,000 land acres in the county.  Most of the topography is nearly level to gently sloping and is predominately sand and loamy soils.  About one-third of the county land base is used for cultivated agricultural crops, and about 59 percent is woodland.  Clarendon offers many beautiful, rural homes attached varying  amounts of property.
There are approximately nine public and private golf courses within 20 minutes of Santee.  Three 18-hole golf courses are located in Santee.

The area offers over 50 private camps with boat launching facilities and related services, including boat and motor rentals, bait, small stores, guides, restaurants, and lodging are available.

STRIPED BASS - The Santee dam across the Santee River impounded Lake Marion in 1942.  It was found that the stripers that came up the Cooper River from the ocean to spawn, entered Lake Moultrie through the Pinopolis Lock and became trapped or landlocked and could not return to the sea.  By a happy quirk of nature, the Santee Cooper lakes and rivers leading to them were an ideal freshwater habitat for what was a saltwater fish.  Since that time stripers have been spawning year round in the lake system.  In April 2006 Clarendon County celebrates it's 27th Annual Striped Bass Festival.  It is the biggest celebration of spring, a tribute to the beauty of the area and a special salute to the Striped Bass, which put the Santee Cooper Lakes on the fishing map of the world.  For more info on this Festival, go to
Our Santee office is staffed with a rental agent who would be happy to assist you with a vacation or long-term rental while you look around our "Oasis of Recreation".  Vacation rentals cen be viewed at: